Full Time Acting Course Success


ADAM GREENE - cast in THE EDGE OF YOU for Off Kilter Theatre Company at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

                        - representation by Infinity Artist Management. 

                        - cast in the world premiere of KITH at the Assembly Festival in April 2019

                        - cast in Fringe production of AS YOU LIKE IT.  

CHIARA PASCALE cast in Fringe production of AS YOU LIKE IT. 

ELLE WATSON - won BEST ACTRESS at the North American Film Awards

                        - Cast in Rapture 2.0. The film went on to win awards around the globe.

ELSA STRACHAN has been cast in a professional schools tour of ALICE IN WONDERLAND in Italy in 2019. 

CARRIE DODDS has agreed representation from agent DQ Management.

AMIR TABRIZI - cast in a recent Netflix pilot in Sweden. 

                        - cast in nationwide advertising campaign. 

ANDREA LINHOVA has agreed representation with DQ Management London.

ALASTAIR DUNCAN - has agreed representation with a London based agent. 

                                - cast in CONSPIRACY in Edinburgh. 

                               - cast as Brick in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF.

JESSICA VIERA DE MATTOS has agreed representation with a London agent.

EMMA FINDLAY - representation by Stiven Christie Management.

DONNA SWANSON - Cast in a feature film - ISOLANI. 

CHRISTIE GOURLAY - Cast in a feature film - ISOLANI. 

                                 - Cast in play FOOD BANK

PASHA MUNIR cast in a recent online commercial and in the play FOOD BANK. 

GEORGE LEWIS - cast in upcoming Fringe production of VOLPONE. 

GEORGE LEWIS - cast in a fringe production of BULL. 

RORY GRANT cast in upcoming short film TAXED. 

KAT HARRISON cast in R Paul Wilson's film TO THE SEA. 

MUIREANN NI RAGHALLAIGH - Cast as the lead in upcoming short film WATCH EMILY FLY.

DEBORA SPRING - signed with a London agent.


OFFIR LIMACHER - has agreed representation with a London agent.

PASHA MUNIR - has agreed representation with a Scottish agent.    

REBECCA DEVLIN-KNIGHT - has agreed representation with a London agent.    

Graduate EMMA FINDLAY acted MUCH TABOO ABOUT NOTHING, a play she wrote that was directed by graduate MAIRI DAVIDSON, performed at the Glasgow Fringe. 

ANDREA LINHOVA appeared in DEAR BRUTUS at the Church Hill Theatre, Edinburgh. 

MOLLY CRIGHTON successfully gained a place at Manchester Met's Full Time Acting course. 

MATTHEW HAY appeared in 2 short films which are to be released. 

CARRIE DODDS appeared in several commercials. 

AVA FABRAY cast in a recent French commercial. 

CALLAN GALLACHER, OFFIR LIMACHER, DANNY VALENTINE, SYLAS SZABOLCS AND ALASTAIR DUNCAN appeared at Glasgow Film Festival in a stage combat re-enactment of FIGHT CLUB for the film's anniversary screening. 

ADAM ROSS GREENE has been successfully cast in BBC Pilot.

MAIRI DAVIDSON is currently filming an educational series in Newcastle.

KAT HARRISON is the Voice of Glasgow Love’s Christmas on T-FM Radio

SYLAS SZABOLCS played opposite legend Bill Patterson in new BBC Comedy Drama GUILT. 

ELLE WATSON just completed a short comedy with Channel 4